Composer for “Panama”

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Mick Fury is a child of the 90s who was tired of the blame game from previous generations—Fury watched as his fellow Millennials were dragged by the media, talk show hosts and newspaper articles—and that’s where the idea for his new album started. 1981-1996 is an anthemic 10-song collection that examines what it is to be part of a generation blamed for problems they didn’t create, that also acts as a Millennial rallying cry to create a better reality.

“All I ever hear is how we’re lazy, we get participation trophies, and we can’t afford houses because we eat too much avocado toast,” he says. “That’s bullshit. We’re the most open-minded, hard-working-for-beans, thoughtful generation yet, and we’ve watched the American Dream be snatched away from us like bullies taking a kid’s lunch money.“

One part Springsteen, one part Sturgill Simpson, a dash of Nirvana and a 90’s zest, it’s a musical cocktail you’re doomed to enjoy. Stream 1981-1996 here.

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Bragging Section

Composer on Mel Gibson/Cole Hauser Feature Film Panama in theaters 2022

Dozen Songs Placed on The Young and the Restless 2021

2017-2019, 20024 CMA Fest, Key West Songwriter Fest, Americana Fest Performer. 2019 Muscle Shoals Songwriter Fest Performer. 

Opened for Brothers Osborne, Marshall Tucker, Bret Michaels, Travis Tritt, Frankie Ballard, Stone Temple Pilots + more

150+ Tour Dates a Year

Song Featured in Underworld movies soundtrack 

2015 SAMMY Country Album of the Year

Nashville, TN

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