Two new videos of songs dealing with Anger. An original “What’s Goin’ On” and a classic “Killing in the Name Of” cover of Rage Against the Machine. Two sides of the same coin. On Spotify:

Locked down new tunes

Take a look at the videos for “Make It Through” and “Many Miles”, two new tunes penned during the Lockdown. On Spotify:

Mick Fury’s Kitchen

Mick has released a new cooking show/songwriter showcase where he teaches a healthy and authentic recipe and while the food sizzles sings a few songs with his good buddy Adam James Deiboldt. Check out episode #1 – “Street Tacos” below!

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Front Porch of America Music Video

We travelled 9,000 miles in two week all across America to shoot this music video for “Front Porch of America”. Take a look.

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Front Porch of America Project August 31

What the hell is going on in America? Take a look at this trailer as we drive around America interviewing folks to try and find out.

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