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“He’s not holding back on this release.” -WMOT Nashville Roots Radio

“In a popular music landscape congested with hollow lyrics, cheap sentiments, and reused sounds, the album stands out for its conceptuality and thematic elements” -NYS Music

“Mick Fury describes how the American Dream has disappeared under the weight of student loans, unreasonable job qualifications, financial crashes, and more.” – Americana UK

“Pulls you in with its stripped down sound that instantly taps into nostalgia. This take on the 4 Non Blondes classic is energetic, with Fury injecting a healthy dose of Americana rock and roll glory ” -Glide Magazine

1981-1996 is an anthemic 10-song collection ” -Got Country

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NEW YORK—May 19, 2023— Syracuse, NY-born singer-songwriter Mick Fury is a child of the 90’s who was tired of the blame game from previous generations—especially given the current reality. His next single, “State of the Union,” out today, is about how the American Dream has disappeared under the weight of student loans, unreasonable job qualifications, financial crashes, and the list goes on.
“Growing up in a small town, listening to Springsteen, I thought I could be somebody. Hoped, maybe, is a better word, I hoped I could escape and get somewhere,” Fury says. “As I went through school all my friends had the same idea, but along the way the American Dream got stolen out from under our pillow. It was there one minute, and the next time we checked it was buried beneath $100,000 in student loans, tied up behind needing a Masters degree to get an entry level  job, shredded by Boomers who weren’t ready to retire, ever. So we waited, and fought, and watched as the government continued to help corporations and left us out to dry.”
His upcoming full-length album, 1981-1996 (June 23), is an anthemic 10-song collection that examines what it is to be part of a generation blamed for problems they didn’t create, that also acts as a rallying cry. Fury watched as his fellow Millennials were dragged by the media, talk show hosts and newspaper articles—and that’s where the idea started. The first single, “Can’t Let Go,” centers around perseverance. It examines the idea that, while our dreams are armored in hope and wonder, and they resist the wounds of logic, life is relentless. It asks what it is that compels us to continue fighting on.
“All I ever hear is how we’re lazy, we get participation trophies, and we can’t afford houses because we eat too much avocado toast,” he says. “We’re the most open-minded, hard-working-for-beans, thoughtful generation yet, and we’ve watched the American Dream be snatched away from us like bullies taking a kid’s lunch money.“
Raised on a steady, varied diet of Nirvana, Garth Brooks, and Tupac, Fury spent his formative years living in Hollywood, CA, eventually returning home to upstate New York, where he found success with his hard rock band Silent Fury. Their song “Exit Wounds” found its way into Kate Beckinsale’s Underworld movie franchise, and the band went on a run of big shows, touring and opening for everyone from Vertical Horizon, to the Spin Doctors, Stone Temple Pilots, and more. The nights of hard drinking and carousing were taking their toll, however, with bandmates missing shows, crashing cars and getting hauled off to jail. The frenetic pace they lived at was unsustainable and they needed a change. 
After Fury and his band moved to Nashville, he tried his hand as a solo artist. He’s found his myriad histories merging together as one weekend he’s opened for country singers, and the next old friends in rock bands. 
“It’s funny how we are the inevitable product of all our choices. My experiences in LA, New York and Nashville couldn’t just be dusted off, they’d become affixed to who I was as a musician.” 
Fury soundtracked the 2022 Cole Hauser-led feature film Panama, as the songwriter and musical composer for the project. At the same time, he pulled his rock and roll ruffians back together and began plotting for a new rock/Americana album—cue 1981-1996
“This album is a natural evolution of my entire career. I began as an acoustic guitar player without a clue, grew into an angry hard rock singer, morphed again into a Nashville country singer-songwriter, and now I’m on the other side of life as an ornery, thoughtful, hungry, rock singer-songwriter.“
1981-1996 Track Listing: 
The Perception
Bright-Eyed Dumb Kid
Can’t Let Go
State of the Union
What’s Up
Broken Highway
Burnin’ It Down
Back to Human
I Don’t Mind
1981-1996 Album Cover
PR Contact: Sarah Frost
Composer for “Panama”
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Welcome to the dojo of Nashville, TN based singer/songwriter Mick Fury. Between touring 150+ dates up and down the East Coast each year, being the Composer of the Mel Gibson/Cole Hauser (Yellowstone) 2022 film PANAMA, and placing songs in the Underworld Movies, the Young & The Restless and many others, Mick’s a hustler. On the road he performs at AmericanaFest, CMA Fest, and Key West Songwriter Fest, and wherever the fates take him. Grab a drink, take a look around, and make yourself at home. Cheers.

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