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Nashville-based singer-songwriter Mick Fury is a child of the 90s who was tired of the blame game from previous generations—Fury watched as his fellow Millennials were dragged by the media, talk show hosts and newspaper articles—and that’s where the idea for his new album started. 1981-1996 is an anthemic 10-song collection that examines what it is to be part of a generation blamed for problems they didn’t create, that also acts as a Millennial rallying cry to create a better reality.

“All I ever hear is how we’re lazy, we get participation trophies, and we can’t afford houses because we eat too much avocado toast,” he says. “That’s bullshit. We’re the most open-minded, hard-working-for-beans, thoughtful generation yet, and we’ve watched the American Dream be snatched away from us like bullies taking a kid’s lunch money.“

One part Springsteen, one part Sturgill Simpson, a dash of Nirvana and a 90’s zest, it’s a musical cocktail you’re doomed to enjoy. Stream 1981-1996 here.


If you really wanna screw a kid up, raise him on a steady diet of Nirvana, Garth Brooks, and Tupac. So began the chronicles of Syracuse, NY born Rock Singer/Songwriter Mick Fury. “Someone asked me recently how I became ‘Such a well rounded musician’ and the only answer I could offer was “When you’ve blundered down every dumb-ass mistaken alley and found every different way to Fuck Up, the correct path remarkably reveals itself ,” Mick offered.

Mick spent his formative years living in Hollywood, CA in an apartment complex where, “I once watched them fish a body out of the pool.”  He cut it up in LA for two years, while also getting cut up – jumped twice by homeless ladies. “That established sort of a nice baseline. Beaten up by homeless women would be the bottom, and I could only go up from there.” 

Returning home to Upstate NY, Mick found success with his hard rock band Silent Fury, landing their song “Exit Wounds” in Kate Beckinsale’s Underworld Movie Franchise. The band went on a run of big shows, touring and opening for everyone from Vertical Horizon, to the Spin Doctors, The Stone Temple Pilots, Bush and tons more. The nights of hard drinking and carousing were taking their toll however, with band mates missing shows, crashing cars drunk and getting hauled off to jail. The frenetic pace the band was living at was unsustainable and they needed a change. 

The band decided to tone it down a bit, move to Nashville, and try their hand at country music. The band reformed as Mick Fury and Midnight Moonshine, and found themselves on stage at various times with Frankie Ballard, Brian Davis, Craig Campbell, and Brothers Osborne. The new musical direction had a clock on it though, and that ran out fast. “Once I heard 97th “country song” reference tailgates and daisy dukes and Friday nights, I said fuck it.”  

Mick began touring Solo, playing at Key West Songwriter Fest, Americana Fest, and CMA Fest events. He found his myriad histories merging together as one weekend he’d be opening for Travis Tritt, the next weekend his old friends in Vertical Horizon. “It’s funny how we are the inevitable product of all our choices. My time in LA, NY and Nashville couldn’t just be dusted off, they’d become affixed to who I was as a musician.” 

In late 2021 Mick was asked to be the songwriter and musical composer for the Cole Houser (Rip of Yellowstone) and Mel Gibson feature film Panama. He created 90 minutes of music and songs for the film, destined for theaters. Upon its release in March 2022, Panama landed in the Top 8 on the iTunes chart. At the same time, Mick had pulled his rock and roll ruffians back together and begun plotting for a new Rock/Americana album to release. 

“I often think back to how great 90’s music was,” Mick said. “People want real, honest music, with a little bit of “Fuck You” mixed in. And I’m here for it.” 

Mick Fury’s new album titled “1981-1996” is due to be released this year. 


Composer for Cole Hauser/Mel Gibson Film Panama  2022

2023 Josie Award Nominee Americana Act of the Year

Placed 4 songs in Young and the Restless in 2021 

Great American Songwriter Competition Outstanding Songwriting Achievement for “Cinnamon” by Ciara Rae 

2017-2019 CMA Fest, Key West Songwriter Fest, Americana Fest, Muscle Shoals Songwriter Fest Performer

Opened for Brothers Osborne, Marshall Tucker, Bret Michaels, Travis Tritt, Frankie Ballard, Stone Temple Pilots + more

150+ Tour Dates a Year

Song Featured in Underworld movies soundtrack

Songs Featured on the Young and the Restless

2015 SAMMY Country Album of the Year

Nashville, TN

mickfuryfury (at) gmail (dot) com

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